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Disclaimer: Please note that the flyers listed below have been approved by the Band Council for viewing by the general public. Some of the flyers which may have contained sensitive information have not been included in this list. To obtain copies of those documents, please contact the Band Office at (819) 449-5170.

To view a flyer or newsletter, please click on the "Flyer" or "Newsletter" link to download the document.

Note: You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view the documents.

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 DateFile TypeFile SizeRemarks
Flyer October 18, 2018 PDF 8.11 MB  
Flyer October 11, 2018 PDF 7.62 MB  
Flyer October 4, 2018 PDF 7.21 MB  
Flyer September 27, 2018 PDF 4.69 MB  
Flyer September 19, 2018 PDF 5.92 MB  
Flyer September 13, 2018 PDF 451.84 KB SPECIFIC LAND CLAIMS DISCUSSION
Flyer September 12, 2018 PDF 5.12 MB  
Flyer September 11, 2018 PDF 8.68 MB GLOBAL SPECIFIC LAND CLAIMS
Flyer September 5, 2018 PDF 2.72 MB  
Flyer August 29, 2018 PDF 13.21 MB  
Flyer August 22, 2018 PDF 4.54 MB  
Flyer August 15, 2018 PDF 3.68 MB  

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